Sean O'Connell

My passion for photography began 5 years ago when I traveled to China on a scholarship. At that time, I was mostly shooting landscapes and doing some portraits for friends. After taking some photography courses while working as a bartender, I found a mentor who was doing commercial photography for restaurants in the city of Miami. I learned, first-hand, various lighting and editing techniques, which eventually paved the path for me to begin my own business working as a freelance photographer. 

I have been working as a freelance photographer now for just over a year and have worked with some major clients such as the InterContinental Hotel Group and Suffolk Construction creating images for their advertisements. Just back from a 5 month trip in Europe, I focused on creating large-format, landscape images, which will be available for sale on the site soon. 

I am now based out of San Diego, CA and am currently working as a commercial and product photographer for various local businesses around the city. 

Thanks for visiting. 

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